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POINT 01 Authenticity
London, 2-3 May

A two day London conference 2-3 May 2013 at RIBA, exploring the theme of Authenticity with lectures from legendary creative thinkers, innovators changing the rules of branding and communication and the elite of the design community.

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2 - 3 May 2013

London's International Design Conference

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23 May 2013

An eye for a photograph

by Robin Richmond, Conference director


Followers of these pages know that POINT is partial to a good photograph and so it is not surprising that our inaugural Authenticity Conference, was documented by the talented Davy Jones who worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the two days to capture some of the magic of the event. There are a selection of Davy’s images throughout the reviews on this and press sites. We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.

Oliver Reichenstein keynote. Photo Davy Jones
Peter York and Frank Pick. Photo Davy Jones
Rhonda Drakeford.  Photo Davy Jones
Clare Sutcliffe. Photo Davy Jones
Nik Roope. Photo Davy Jones
Beau Lotto. Photo Davy Jones
David Hieatt. Photo Davy Jones
Lucienne Roberts. Photo Davy Jones
Phil Lewis. Photo Davy Jones
Alan Fletcher Film. Photo Davy Jones
Erik Spiekermann. Photo Davy Jones
Artist and designer. Gordon Young and Andy Altmann. Photo Davy Jones
Morag Myerscough. Photo Davy Jones

POINT. Everybody’s Talking…

9.00pm Thursday 2 May. RIBA after nine hours of presentations. Photo James Booth. http://jamesbooth.net

POINT’s Authenticity Conference has caused quite a stir in the creative media, magazines, social networks and blogs following design, societal and cultural issues. Over the next few days we’ll add links and the best Tweets from the event.

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Authenticity Conference Day Two

Morag Myerscough. Photo Davy Jones

With the faint glow of the Olympic torch still shimmering off the wood paneling of the Jarvis Hall, day two of POINT began a little earlier to accommodate a surprise speaker. First to the lectern was Lucienne Roberts. Quite how she held back the tears as she described the tragedy of David Miliband’s ‘overly graphic’ leadership campaign is hard to fathom. Her book of nun’s habits should enjoy a good run (one for the Coltrane fans there).

Sean Rees (right) and Nathan Webb (left). Photo Davy Jones

Next up came a talk which for many stands as the highlight of POINT’s first year. Sean Rees and Nathan Webb talked about their work for the McGuire Programme, a global organization set up to help those suffering from a stammer, and a project supported by their agency, Purpose. When Rees showed a film, shot 10 years ago, of his attempt to say his own name, it suddenly became clear that if there is an authenticity of purpose, then here it was. If you can imagine being ‘robbed of your fluency’, Sean Rees showed that there is a way through for the 66,000,000 people who live with some form of speech impediment. Wonderful stuff.

Photo Davy Jones
Robert Francis Müller and Jessica Dance, Get Mulered and Dance. Photo Davy Jones

The winsome imaginations of Robert Muller and Jessica Dance provided a delightful interlude, with Muller walking off with POINT’s inaugural ‘Best Moustache’ award. Lovely work.

Nick Couch, Open Studio Club. Photo Davy Jones
Clare Sutcliffe, Code Club’s 700 school destinations. Photo Davy Jones

The next three speakers exemplified an entrepreneurial zeal and single mindedness in setting up exciting business ideas that are making a difference. Rhonda Drakeford, founder of London design consultancy Multistorey and celebrated Lambs Conduit Street boutique Darkroom talked about her double life and was followed by former Figtree creative Director Nick Couch, who left the agency to start Open Studio Club, a studio space concept that appears to be becoming a global idea. Clare Sutcliffe finsihed the trilogy with the story of the set-up of Code Club, the after school phenomena that has seen the sett up of more than 700 Code clubs in under 12 months.

Peter York’s arrival, beautifully shod and a flurry of fine tailoring almost ended in a green room tragedy. It was thanks to POINT’s remarkable back room team that a button, recently liberated from York’s elegant double-breasted suit was swiftly reunited with its Worsted foundations, and York – the epitome of elegance – could speak to us of the 150th anniversary of the London Underground fully and correctly dressed.

Elliot Erwitt film interview

After lunch, our man in Manhattan introduced POINT’s short film of legendary photographer Elliott Erwitt. Superman did once hit Mr Erwitt’s 8th storey window – but very gently.

Projekt Triangle Book launch
Martin Grothmaak, Projekt Triangle

Dressed in haute couture track pants, Martin Grothmaak spoke of the genesis of a new book celebrating the work of Projekt Triangle. Three years in the making, the paper stock was shipped by plane, train and automobile from Japan before being turned into a stunning review of Triangle’s work and working ethos.

Jonathan Barnbrook, The Next Day – David Bowie

Artists don’t come any more authentic than David Bowie, and it is his good fortune to have chosen the thoughtful and eloquent Mr Barnbrook as his collaborator, the cover for ‘The Next Day’ being one of the many topics covered in a thoroughly fascinating presentation.

Seymour Chwast. Photo Davy Jones

POINT’s penultimate speaker rightly carries the epithet of legend. Seymour Chwast, founder of Pushpin, showed just a glimpse of the colossal canon of work for which he is rightly celebrated. Ideas driven, simply executed, his modest delivery belied the consistency and quality of a lifetime’s work.

Morag Myerscough and father Henry Myerscough. Photo Supergroup London
Morag Myescough with Luke Morgan, Supergroup collaborator and The Highliners. Photo Supergroup London

And then came the Highliners, led by Luke Morgan, Supergroup London collaborator with Morag Myerscough and band (including Ginge former Meteors drummer) accompanying Ms Myerscough’s instinctive journey through colours patterns, fifty feet beach balls and the letter A. Never has a design conference ended in such splendid chaotic psycho billy babble and no doubt RIBA has not staged anything like it.


David Hieatt. Photo Davy Jones

Authenticity Conference Day One

David Hieatt, Hiut Denim. Photo Davy Jones

After the dawn raid for Spiekerposters had died down, the Jarvis Hall settled in for Day 1 of POINT. First up was the UX maestro Oliver Reichenstein. He had somehow managed to find an iPhone in a piece of Renaissance art – a remarkable discovery and one that did not go unnoticed by the gathered masses (though it has been missed by every other Renaissance scholar).

Next on stage was Nik Roope, polymath, Poke founder and general all around bright bloke. From neverending websites to the beautiful Plumen lightbulb, his was a talk full of ingenuity and invention and a celebration of the importance of storytelling. Beau Lotto managed to make practically everyone in the audience question their own eyeballs, and in the process, challenge perceptions of colour and form – suggesting that when we find uncertainty, we also find true creativity.

David Hieatt managed to arrive with a pair of his superb Hiut jeans, and leave without them (we’re still looking David). Do what you love, and do it every day was his mantra. Except stealing – that’s not acceptable. If everything goes to plan with his memory denims he’ll be turning the rivers and streams of cardigan a delightful indigo blue once more.

Phil Lewis, London Strategy Unit. Photo Davy Jones
Gary Aspden, Adidas and Mary. Photo Davy Jones

‘Lanky’ Phil Lewis besmirched the good name of brand marketing and affirmed the importance of a clear strategy. To close the morning, Gary Aspden took the stage, took a seat, and gave us a very heartfelt walk through his career, his passions, and the secret to cajoling a big business into hiring the finest band of the 20th century to play a secret gig at a ‘major sports event’ held in 2012 where everyone got their faces clowned up. From warehouse parties in the shadow of Tommy Ball’s to trainers by Peter Saville the boy from Blackburn done good.

Alan Fletcher from the film interview. Film and direction Patrick Baglee and Quentin Newark

After lunch, Quentin Newark gave an eloquent introduction to his former boss, the much missed Alan Fletcher, before we took a look through the keyhole at Alan’s studio in a rarely seen 20 minute movie filmed in 2005 by POINT’s Englishman in New York Patrick Baglee. David Tonge followed with a look into some of the Division’s signature projects, and though fluent in Japanese, he spoke to us in crisp English.

Erik Spiekermann, EdenSpiekermann and FontShop. Photo Davy Jones
Erik Spiekermann’s POINT Poster
Erik Spiekermann printing a limited edition POINT poster

Sporting a magnificent cyan shirt, Erik Spiekermann, though fluent in seventeen languages proceeded to talk of rugby scrums, concentric circles and the end of the project manager in his native northern burr. If process can be authentic, then the ‘guvnor is on the way to defining what it might look like. There was a typo. But we won’t mention that. Oh, and we should all just get on and draw.

Bruce Gilden, Magnum Photos. Photo Davy Jones

With teatime approaching, we were shaken from our mid-afternoon torpor by the candid and charismatic Bruce Gilden. First with a whistle stop tour of some of his most powerful and iconic images, and then, in a brief Q&A, Gilden talked of his childhood, his time amongst gangsters, and the fact that he older he gets, the closer he gets.

Milton Glaser film interview

Time for tea, a glimpse of the rare spring sunshine and then we’re back. A delightful film by Hudson Lines showed POINT’s New York attaché Patrick Baglee playing word association with the world’s most revered and respected designer Milton Glaser. ‘Work?’ said Baglee. ‘Play’ responded Glaser. ‘Cut’ said Lines.

Matt Webb, BERG. Photo Davy Jones

Matt Webb showed an authenticity of execution with a ‘through-the-round-window’ presentation of the Little Printer’s design and development. Concrete became comedy with the 160,000 individual letters and jocular humour of Andy Altmann and Gordon Young’s stunning comedy pavement, currently playing an extended summer season on the Blackpool seafront. Setting up factories, cataloguing jokes and hiring would-be burglars are all in a days work to this newly minted Northern duo.

Andy Altmann, Mr Krankie, Wee Jimmy Krankie and Gordon Young on the Comedy Carpet

To end the day, Jay Osgerby (in a fine pair of brogues) and the statuesque Edward Barber showed just why they’d been awarded the torch project with Heath Robinson’esque behind-the-scenes demos of wind resistance using gas canisters and an office fan. The gasp that greeted the reveal of one of the actual 8,000 torches from its muslin sack suggested that the most famous object of POINT’s first ever day was a shiny inanimate one.

Barber Osgerby’s Olympic Torch design

They came, they saw, they wrote 140 characters. Assorted Tweets from POINT’s Authenticty Conference

Tweeting from the stalls

Authenticity Conference Great Expectations

@bamslackmore Up nice and early for @POINTishere Conference – #POINTishere http://instagram.com/p/YzYdwwkb8-/ 

@JennyTheolin Nice touch. Limited Edition @espiekermann poster hand-printed by the man himself. Thank you #POINTishere. http://instagram.com/p/YzYdwkF4G5/

@AGonaldi Erik Spiekermann designs and hand prints POINT poster http://pointishere.com/erik-spiekermann-designs-and-hand-prints-point-poster/ … via @POINTishere

@iA Seamlessness. #POINTishere

@gerryleonidas At #POINTishere conference. Size, seating, sightlines of RIBA auditorium are perfect.

@RJAshley @JennyTheolin @POINTishere great day, the talks are really on point.

@Tom_Goldsworthy Excited faces and great talks… #POINTishere pic.twitter.com/LvKPu0UzgO

‏@H_FJ You should all be following @gerryleonidas’ tweets from #POINTishere. I think he’s about 15 minutes away from taking a hostage.

@markboulton Why the hell am I not at Point conference? #pointishere

@RobAlderson Just got to #pointishere great line up, nice venue and Patrick from @CreativeReview is wearing quite the natty jacket


Authenticity Conference Day One

@_DesignStudio_At @POINTLondon today, kicking off the morning with a strong coffee and Oliver Reichenstein @IA #pointishere

@OPX_London Great start to our first day at Point. Oliver Reichenstein on authenticity in Digital @POINTishere#pointishere pic.twitter.com/ePzfADMrrD

@JennyTheolin Designers need two eyes. A ‘blind’eye for the function, and ‘an eye wearing a monocle’ for the form” – @iA #pointishere

@RobAlderson Oliver Reichenstein setting the metaphor bar high at #pointishere with Plato’s cave allegory as a guide to digital design

@gpetriglieri Timeless business, authenticity policing. RT @papadimitriou “Digital authenticity is bullshit”— @iA #POINTishere

@papadimitriou “The alphabet is a code with discrete values” — @iA #POINTishere pic.twitter.com/g0RKcJjvrJ

@espiekermann Point Conference in London off to a good start. #pointishere


Nicolas Roope, Poke and Hulger

@Grinblo Creating stories and meaning in today’s digital world means understanding in fragmentation. – @nikroope #POINTishere

@ComputerArts Cracking design trivia! RT “@LSUsocial Fact: Nik Roope’s dad made Stanley Kubrick’s glasses #POINTishere


Beau Lotto

@RobAlderson Beau Lotto brilliant at #pointishere “information is literally meaningless”


David Hieatt. Hiut Denim

@LSUsocial David Hieatt now talking about authentic quality and the story of Hiut Denim #POINTishere pic.twitter.com/xTp7NoEbX4

@POINTishere From @POINTishere @JennyTheolin “If you want to be authentic, ask yourself: What matters to me? And am I doing it?” – @DavidHieatt @POINTishere

From @IanSanders @POINTishere “I might be bankrupt in 12 months time but at least I tried the thing important to me” @davidhieatt Hiut Denim

@POINTishere From @POINTishere @papadimitriou “If you’re not doing the thing that you love, you’re not being authentic to yourself” — @davidhieatt


@AETKinneir Alan Fletcher intro from Quentin Newark: “he became the best by unlearning, not doing what he was told nor emanating others” #pointishere

@iA “You want to watch a movie about Katie Price. Or not about Katie Price. I don’t know why Katie Price.”—David Tonge #Pointishere

@iA The Division’s motto: “Design is about removing, not adding.” #Pointishere


Bruce Gilden, Magnum Photos

@gerryleonidas Sorry to miss evening session of #POINTishere, was shaping up well. Best talks by people with a story to tell. Bruce Gilden most memorable.


Milton Glaser film interview

@JennyTheolin @POINTishere’s Milton Glaser film. His mother’s Spaghetti recipe! instagram.com/p/Y0XR9YF4DO/ vimeo.com/63585633


Matt Webb, BERG

@papadimitrou “Connecting products is the 21st century electrification” —@genmon #POINTishere pic.twitter.com/HRL5V4Et6a

@POINTishere Genuine jaw-dropping reaction to @whynotassoc’s Andy Altmann and Gordon Young description of making the Blackpool Comedy Carpet

@JennyTheolin Love that the original prototype of The Torch by @barberosgerby was made using an IKEA cutlery strainer. But, I would say that. #pointishere

@JennyTheolin Apparently maximum concentration span is 45mins, I just spent 12hrs attentively listening. Cream crackered. But in a good way! #POINTishere


Authenticity Conference Day Two

@gdand_ ‘is all graphic design inherently inauthentic? asks @gdand_Lucienne Roberts at #POINTishere

@JennyTheolin Who would have thought Coco Chanel’s ‘little black dress’ was inspired by nuns? Great talk by Lucienne Roberts and @gdand_#pointishere


Sean Rees

@sean_rees Irony of a person who stutters becoming a “Speaker”… Enjoyed my time at #POINTishere, thanks to… http://instagram.com/p/Y3M1jSIs4T/

@POINTishere An #POINTishere highlight. Sean Rees and Nathan Webb of Purpose presented their work for the McGuire Programme visuelle.co.uk/index.php/perm…

construct london ‏ @constructstudio @imstucknomore @sean_rees @Purpose_Ltd @mcguireprogram It was excellent – he’s a first class ambassador for the program

@sean_rees So many positive reactions from our talk at #POINTishere. When I’m old and grey I’ll think back to today and smile about this. Thanks.

@JennyTheolin The first ‘WOOP’ from the audience at #POINTishere went to @sean_rees and Nathan Webb. Amazing talk, guys! Really well done.


Nick Couch, Open Studio Club

@JennyTheolin ”Fact: By 2020, 40% increase in freelancers in the world.” @nickcouchlondon is speaking a lot of sense at #pointishere.

@SabineZetteler “Travel makes you more creative”. Confirmed. Nice. Thanks Nick Couch {Open Studio Club} #POINTishere http://instagram.com


Peter York

@tdeburca Ideas, passion, authenticity and Peter York’s tube at #pointishere. Great stuff @POINTishere


Seymour Chwast

@POINTishere Seymour Chwast founder of @ThePushpinGroup. Fifty years of #Authenticity design, illustration, books and art. Can’t wait!

@SarahSnaith ‘There’s nothing authentic about what we do, we’re representing something. Actors do something a little closer’ @ThePushpinGroup @POINTishere


Elliot Erwitt film interview

@cole_peters Elliot Erwitt, master of black and white photography.#POINTishere pic.twitter.com/FnO6IfAeQa

@cole_peters So cool to get some insight into Elliot Erwitt’s life and work. Inspiring photography focusing on the human condition.#POINTishere


Martin Grothmaak a donkey and a nude

@cole_peters Loving Martin Grothmaak’s brutalist-inflected slides. #POINTishere pic.twitter.com/4QfXKxFkN1

@cole_peters Some really beautiful work being shown by Martin Grothmaak of Projekt Triangle. #POINTishere pic.twitter.com/riCH1UbSNz

‏@JennyTheolin “Pain decides for and teaches you” – Martin Grothmaak #POINTishere No idea how much that resonates with me. #rsi

@savzen Jonathan Barnbrook talking about David Bowie’s new album cover and promotion. #POINTishere http://instagram.com/p/Y2kmP7kAsz/#

@SaraSnaith Jonathan @barnbrook ‘advertising is unscrupulous moronic bullshit’ #Authenticity #pointishere

@itsReise Yes! @barnbrook just smashed a talk at #POINTishere & covered design he’s done for #DavidBowie! Brilliant designer! pic.twitter.com/OovngeSCnS

@cole_peters Can’t wait to see@barnbrook take the stage at #POINTishere. Part of me hopes he will be presenting drunk. A guy can dream.

@SarahSnaith Jonathan @barnbrook ‘advertising is unscrupulous moronic bullshit’ #Authenticity @POINTishere #POINTishere


Clare Sutcliffe, Code Club

@BjornHoydal Can’t wait for my seven-year-old to join @CodeClub Just have to get it started home in Norway first. #POINTishere

@cole_peters “40% of Code Club students are girls, compared to the industry avg of 9% women.” — @ClareSutcliffe #POINTishere Great news for the future!

@cole_peters “By empowering kids to code, we empower them to become active creators, rather than passive consumers.” Clare Sutcliffe #POINTishere

@eyemagazine RT @jolwen #POINTishere kids see coding as playing and making things. @CodeClub such a good idea. @POINTishere


Morag Myerscough

@EmmaLauraJones #POINTishere so excited to see Morag Myerscough speak – saved the best for last!

@jolwen 3 May #POINTishere love @MoragMyerscough’s work not just the colour, but the scale thing, and the materials…  and forms

@POINTishere @MoragMyerscough and Supergrouplondon’s Luke Morgan (The Highliners) on stage. Psychobilly & design in one heady cocktail



6 May 2013

Authenticity Conference Delegate Reviews

by Robin Richmond, Conference director

POINT full house. Photo Davy Jones

One of POINT’s collaborators is the London based talent and recruitment agency, Represent. In the run up to POINT’s Authenticity Conference at RIBA held earlier this month, founder, Mike Radcliffe sponsored two Student Tickets to the conference, which became prizes in a draw. The winners, Felix Mooneeram and Adam Duckett had one proviso to satisfy – a written review of the conference. Following is our précis (both Felix and Adam wrote longer reviews) of our two student critics at work.

POINT Authenticity Conference Review | Felix Mooneeram

The two days were long and jam-packed but they really flew by because of the quality of the ideas expressed and work shown. The experience, overall, was truly inspiring. Despite the variety between the speakers and their often vastly differing disciplines, experiences and backgrounds; the unifying theme was creativity and passion. Here are a handful of quotes that really stuck with me from the two days:

David Tonge. Photo Davy Jones

“Design is about removing, not adding.” David Tonge

Alan Fletcher from the 2005 film interview

“Never do what you’re told.” Alan Fletcher

“Rule no.1: don’t work for arseholes. Rule no.2: don’t work with arseholes.” Erik Spiekermann

David Hieatt. Photo Davy Jones

“My job now is to change the jeans industry when the product hasn’t changed in over 100 years.” David Hieatt

Erik Spiekermann. Photo Davy Jones

“I don’t say designers ‘create’ because that’s what God does. We just do shit.” Erik Spiekermann

“Designers are not artists, they are practitioners and workers.” Milton Glaser

Rhonda Drakeford. Photo Davy Jones

“We find that small jobs are our most interesting… The object, and the experience of that object, really adds to a project. Rhonda Drakeford

“Sharing and collaborating is the future of our industry.” Nick Couch

Morag Myerscough. Photo Davy Jones

“Zynga came to me because they know my work. Then I just did what I do, and they said yes – and paid me!” Morag Myerscough

“I don’t really like photography – I’m not interested in technique.” Elliot Erwitt


Beau Lotto. Photo Davy Jones


“The best questions are the ones that create the most uncertainty. They are the most scary, but they are the ones that question our identity.” Beau Lotto

These are just some of the words and ideas that really stuck with me from POINT, and which will affect my work and views for a long time. I have learned about the value of connecting with other people; I have learned about the positivity that can come from doing things you’ve never done before or had no experience in; but most of all I have learned about the importance of doing what you love and in turn loving what you do. Design is something I believe I can use to achieve this, and now I’m just excited to get out there and start doing all these things for myself. POINT was truly inspirational and I am so grateful for the chance to have heard these lessons, so thank you!


POINT Authenticity Conference Review | Adam Duckett

POINT Conference was a fantastic two-day event held at the RIBA. Both days comprised of highly inspiring talks from a range of speakers across the design industry — from those that are established and are considered icons within the industry through to those providing opportunities to those at grassroots level. The theme of the talks was Authenticity and saw the speakers deliver talks based on how this has been a part of their work.

Most influential talk of the conference

Nick Couch. Photo Davy Jones

Nick Couch, founder of Open Studio Club, explained to us the process behind developing such a successful project. Part of this was down to a sensible, yet creative, approach to a start-up and saw it as a ‘hobby’ initially rather than a business. Through research, Nick discovered that the industry is evolving – agencies are getting smaller, and the groups outside of these agencies are getting bigger. This shift means the numbers of freelancers is increasing – creating opportunities for agencies to meet new talent and provide the physical space for freelancers to work. Nick ended his talk assessing how well working in a physical space works and the serendipitous moments that bring about new partnerships and creative opportunities.

Most inspiring project

David Hieatt. Photo Davy Jones

David Hieatt captivated the audience with his talk about the forming of Hiut Demin. He starting Hiut with a simple mantra, ‘Do one thing well’. This simple ethos helps to create a niche within an industry dominated by the likes of Levis that have produced jeans for 130 years. David’s solution was to create products that have personality and tell a story – something that brands must do in order to differentiate from the competition. David founded History Tag, a website built with the future user participation in mind. Each pair of Hiut jeans comes with a unique ID that allows the user to see the process behind the product and over the forthcoming years the aim is for History Tag to grow with users submitting photos of their products.

Most fun project

Nik Roope. Photo Davy Jones

Baker’s Tweet was a really simple yet effective idea that happened several years ago from Nicolas Roope of Poke/Hulger. The idea to use the instant connectivity, of a then developing Twitter, inside a bakery to let their customers know when they have fresh produce. A simple box in the bakery has just a LCD screen, dial and a button. The dial can be turned to the correct item that has been cooked and a button then publishes a tweet to their followers.

Memorable quotes

“You have 86,400 seconds a day – go find the things that you love.” David Hieatt

Gary Aspden. Photo Davy Jones


“You can’t always explain why something is right it just is.” Gary Aspden

Phil Lewis. Photo Davy Jones

 “Small admission – big acceptance.” (on handling corporate mistakes and brand damage limitation) Phil Lewis

“Don’t work for or with arseholes.” Erik Spiekermann

“The answer is in the details.” Milton Glaser

“Despite the audience, they should get good design” Rhonda Drakeford

Nick Couch. Photo Davy Jones

 “Travel makes you more creative.” Nick Couch


30 April 2013

A spot of ink – Erik Spiekermann’s private press

by Robin Richmond, Conference director

Following on from yesterday’s news, here’s a little film shot last week in Berlin at Erik Spiekermann’s studio. the film shows Erik’s private press and him printing an exclusive poster for POINT’s Authenticity Conference delegates.

If you are one of the first 100 to register at RIBA on Thursday you can obtain one of these collectors items, free of charge.

An audience with Elliot Erwitt

Elliot Erwitt likes children and dogs. He’s also fond of woman having tried marriage four times and has a great eye for a photograph. POINT met with Elliot in late February at his Manhattan apartment – the same building that he runs his studio from.

In the ensuing conversation Elliot talked about his life as a photographer, the themes within his work and his career with Magnum. His work spans more than fifty years and Elliot is still prolific in his eighties producing a sequence of books documenting his life and work. This edited film excerpt is taken from a ten minute short which will be shown at POINT’s Authenticity conference on 2 May.

Milton Glaser Interview Taster

The POINT London team visited New York last month and spent three days shooting with Bruce Gildon, Elliot Erwitt and Milton Glaser.

We’ll be publishing teasers from each shoot prior to our first conference early next month and here’s a short excerpt from our interview with the legendary Milton Glaser.

Milton had arranged a 30 minute interview, but was generous enough to give us almost three times that time talking effusively about the difference between art and design, the city of New York, his favourite clients, his friend Alan Fletcher and even his mother’s home cooking. If you want to see the full version, we’re showing a 30 minute edit of this conversation at the Authenticity conference 2-3 May.

Bruce Gilden takes POINT to Coney Island

As part of our New York trilogy of films, POINT met with Bruce Gilden and filmed him discussing a wide range of topics, ranging from his formative interest in photography through to work for Magnum and in particular his famous work documenting the resort of Coney Island.

Bruce’s work is an iconic reflection of day-to-day life on the streets and in this case the boardwalk and beaches of the resort. In a fascinating insight into the area, POINT filmed on a bitterly cold day as teams of people cleaned up after Hurricane Sandy.

You can see fuller versions of our filming with Bruce and meet the man himself during the POINT 01 Authenticity Conference at RIBA in May, where Bruce will be presenting his work and participating in a Question and Answer session.


The last word in speakers – Peter York

Peter York

Legendary commentator Peter York joins the POINT lineup. Author, journalist, broadcaster, professor and consultant, Peter York has provided the social commentary to the last three decades from the era defining Sloane Ranger handbook to Modern Times and more recently the Rise and Fall of the Adman.

Peter will be talking about his new book ‘The Blue Riband’ launched last month and part of the Penguin Underground Lines series commissioned by TFL and Penguin to celebrate 150 years of the Tube. Experiencing London as a cultural phenomenon, design journey and home to many elite groupings from designers (‘chic-graphique’) to Television Types, Peter will explore the cultural icon that is the tube and the genre defining design it has inspired.

Dress sharp, none of us will escape his scrutiny!

22 April 2013

Erik Spiekermann designs and hand prints POINT poster

by Robin Richmond, Conference director

An original Erik Spiekermann poster

An Erik Spiekermann original

Here’s an interesting scenario. It’s not often that a living design legend authors and designs a poster for you. It’s then almost impossible to imagine them printing it on their own private press. It’s then hard to believe that these unique and original posters would be available for delegates at a conference.

Function follows the form

Delegates to POINT’s inaugural conference themed on Authenticity will have the opportunity to see and potentially own a numbered Spiekermann original. How’s that for Authentic!

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  • Jay Osgerby and Edward Barber. Photo Davy Jones

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Our Authenticity conference will feature an exciting cast, including: Andy Altmann of Why Not Associates, Beau Lotto of Beautiful Mind, Bruce Gilden the Magnum Photographer, Clare Sutcliffe founder of Code Club, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby founders of Barber Osgerby, legendary German designer Erik Spiekermann, artist Gordon Young, David Bowie sleeve designer Jonathan Barnbrook, Matt Webb founder of BERG, Morag Myerscough of Studio Myerscough, Nicolas Roope founder of POKE and Push Pin Studio founder Seymour Chwast.

We will also show film shorts featuring Magnum Photographers Bruce Gilden and Elliot Erwitt and film interviews from the late Alan Fletcher from 2005 and also a new interview with Milton Glaser. Watch these pages for information regarding speaker updates and general news on the Authenticity conference.

What's the POINT

• POINT is an organisation developing content for conferences, events, film, media, print, publications and relevant formats to document the creative world.

• Coverage of the very best in design influencing and developing cultures changing and impacting society.

Who is POINT

POINT is a not-for-profit organisation brought to you by a collective of designers who passionately believe that London needs a forum to discover, exemplify and discuss the issues that design, in its many forms, creates on a day-to-day basis.

Robin Richmond former Founding Conference Director of Typo London, Georgia Fendley, Founder of Construct and Brand Director of Mulberry (2008- 2013) and Tim Fendley, Founder of Applied, together with Patrick Baglee, Writer-at-large and New York Editor, bring you POINT.

Partnerships: Fiona Mallin-Robinson.

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