POINT is a not-for-profit new breed of company producing content for conferences, events, film, media, print and publications and relevant formats to document the creative world. Set up by a collective of designers, POINT’s focus is to show case the value of design and explore its effect on the way people live and the structures used to support the way people do things – what we see as Design, Culture and Society.

POINT 01 Authenticity
Our first event, the Authenticity Conference ran between 2-3 May at RIBA – The Royal Institute of British Architects featuring a stellar list of speakers from the world of art, graphic design, interaction and UX, photography, product, strategy and brands, writing and journalism appeaing live and in film interviews. Sold-out and warmly received, the conference set a high bar for future events to follow. The Eye Magazine review gives a good critique of the event.

As a design conference series, POINT’s objective is to be recognised by more than just the design industry. Our ambition is for POINT to be the sibling of Frieze and TED, a widely recognised cultural touch point that will enhance the credibility and increase the exposure of design.

POINT’s charter
1. Design can change the world
It’s our job to showcase excellence in design, to share design heroes, design innovation, design pioneers and the cultural legacy of great design. Point will explore design’s role in society and business and recognise its impact on culture. Point will champion the power of great design, bringing it to a wider audience and seeking alliances with associated sectors.

2. It’s good to share
We believe in accessibility, we work to keep ticket prices low, we subsidise entrance for those still in education and we are committed to sharing all content for free. The design industry is dominated by individuals and small businesses, together via Point we can have a powerful voice. Over time point will curate a global design resource with open access to all.

POINT London creates opportunities to meet and network with speakers and delegates both at the conference and also through evening events during the conference. Keypads are not required!