6 September 2012

Gordon Young

by Patrick Baglee, New York Editor

Gordon Young

Inaugural POINT London speaker Gordon Young was born in Carlisle. He studied at Coventry and then the Royal College of Art in London. He is a visual artist who focuses on making art for the public domain, and whose work contains a strong typographic presence.

GCHQ entrance Park, Cheltenham, In collaboration with: typography – Why Not Associates and implementation – Russell Coleman.

Before becoming a full time artist, he was curator of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Director of the Welsh Sculpture Trust With over 20 years experience he has created projects as diverse as a series of 20m sculptural/climbing walls in Blackpool, a forest of typographic trees in Crawley Library, a Wall of Wishes in a Bristol school, and the remarkable cursing stone in Carlisle where the ‘Mother of all curses’ has been inscribed into a 14 ton granite boulder, now housed at Carlisle Castle.

Crawley library with a team of collaborators including Why Not Associates

His work and collaborations have received multiple awards, including honours from the Royal Society of Arts, RIBA, Tokyo Type Directors and the Arts Council. One of his most recent and most ambitious projects to date is the Comedy Carpet, an 1,880m2 granite typographical pavement made up of jokes, songs and catchphrases of comedians and writers that is now permanently installed on the new promenade in front of Blackpool Tower.

Comedy Carpet, Blackpool

This collaboration with Why Not Associates (they also worked together in the Eric Morecambe memorial in Morecambe), was nominated as one of the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2012, and further illustrates his need to create work that demonstrates a relevance and resonance with its immediate surroundings. He lectures and speaks on the role and possibilities of public art at institutions all over the world.

Eric Morecombe Memorial, Morecombe Lancashire