6 September 2012

Nicolas Roope

by Patrick Baglee, New York Editor

Nicolas Roope

POINT London speaker Nicolas Roope is one of the few people working in the creative industries that can genuinely be described as a pioneer, thanks to his digital design and thinking. Following a schooling in Fine Art and Sculpture in Liverpool, he was a co-founder and creative leader of Antirom before moving on to senior creative roles at Oven Digital and then co-founding the hugely respected Poke in 2001.

He has always pursued a desire to create functional, usable digital designs and products that explore and further reveal the possibilities of digital creativity in a human context. At Antirom in the mid 90s he was in the thick of what was regarded by many as the prototype digital creative agency and produced genuinely groundbreaking work for Levis, the BBC, Guinness and The Science Museum. Antirom still exerts an influence today.

Orange Phone Fund Game



At Poke, which he founded with former Deep Group colleagues, he has led projects for Lonelyplanet, Topshop, Tate Gallery, Skype, Huffington Post, Orange, Mulberry and Barnado’s. In 2005 he founded the Pokia/Hulger project (www.hulger.com), with the intention of developing ideas and products that make people smile, and that last beyond the transient. In 2008, Hulger’s Plumen CFL bulb concept design was included in MoMA New York’s seminal Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition.

A Hulger Plumen

He is a regular and valued judge at competitions worldwide, a contributor to ICON magazine, and the recipient of multiple creative and digital industry accolades. He is also one of a rare group of creative whose work isn’t just celebrated after the fact, but eagerly anticipated in advance. Nicolas was also included in The Wired 100 and Adage Creative 50 lists in 2011.