8 October 2012

Oliver Reichenstein

by Patrick Baglee, New York Editor

Oliver Reichenstein, Photo, Design Made in Germany website

Inaugural POINT London speaker, Oliver Reichenstein is the founder and CEO of iA, a user experience design agency with offices in Tokyo, Zurich and Berlin. He is also a thinker and designer whose views on UX and the future of information delivery are anticipated and pored over by many.

Zeit Online

Oliver was born in 1971 and studied philosophy at the University of Basel and the Sorbonne in Paris. He worked as an interface designer for Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux for four years, helping to build its interactive department and at the same time delivering strategic and creative thinking to T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, FC Bayern and the Swiss Federal Post Office with projects that included browser designs, e-mail, banking, messenger and PDA interfaces. In 2003, he moved to Tokyo and in 2005 he founded Information Architects (iA).

iA Writer App

iA provides both digital products as well as UXD client services in the field of internet strategy, information architecture, interaction design, information design, graphical user interface design, and interactive branding. The company has built websites for a series of high traffic news sites and networks including DIE ZEIT, Krone.at, Internazionale.it, Tagesanzeiger, Das Magazin, Basler Zeitung, Berner Zeitung, Doodle, Zeit Online, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ringier, Krone, Internazionale, Freitag, Pro7Sat1, and SBS.

Freitag website
The Brander website

iA is also a developer in its own right and products include Web Trend Map, TPUTH.com, Writer for iPad and Writer for Mac, all setting new standards for writing on touch screen devices (Writer won the approval of Apple itself).

Web Trends 5
Web Trends 4

Now back in Switzerland, Oliver continues to apply the ‘old-school’ typographic rigor of Ruder, Tschichold and Frutiger within a digital domain. He is a senior visiting researcher on ‘Internet and Society’ at Keio Research Institute’s Shonan-Fujisawa Campus in Japan, helping resolve issues around the human and cosial challenges posed by a multiplicity of devices, platforms and information systems. And, Oliver is a huge fan of the films of John Cassavettes.