4 February 2013

Patrick Baglee Facilitates at POINT London

by Robin Richmond, Conference director

Patrick Baglee

Patrick Baglee is the New York editor of POINT. If you are a regular reader of these pages you will have probably read some of his work as he is the author/editor of all the biographies found in our Speakers section.

Trained as a designer, Patrick quickly found his skill with words was in great demand in the design studios of London and he rapidly developed into a creative writer and communicator while working with some of London’s most celebrated agencies.

Patrick has a deep knowledge of design and its practitioners and has the ear of many of the design industry’s great and the good. His charm and humility are matched by the warmth in which he engages with people he interviews and Patrick will be behind camera directing questions later this month when POINT visits Milton Glaser to make the film interview delegates will see at the conference.

Patrick has also  helped to make other films including a ‘fly on the wall’ interview with another legend of the design industry, Alan Fletcher, which POINT will be showing as part of the programme in May.