Authenticity Conference, 2-3 May 2013
POINT’s inaugural conference, Authenticity, will run at RIBA – The Royal Institute of British Architects, on 2-3 May 2013 with 25 presentations and films from the Jarvis Suite stage.

Registration for the conference begins at 09.00 on Thursday. We are expecting a full house so it’s import that you arrive promptly to register and get your ticket.

Day One programme
Our morning session begins at 10.00 and runs with six presentations beginning on the hour and half hour. Our conference keynote will be given by Oliver Reichenstein of Information Architects. The session contains UX/digital design, entrepreneurial fashion and brand content. We break  for a one hour lunch period at 13.00

The afternoon session begins at 14.00 features 3 films – the first from Elliot Erwitt (short) and two film interviews with Milton Glaser and Alan Fletcher. The session is completed with 2 lectures, the first on design, the second on photography. We then break for an hour at 17.00.

Thursday is completed with four presentations discussing art, product, brand, service and graphic design that commence at 18.00. Doors close at 21.00.

Day Two programme
Doors open at 09.00 for our first lecture at 10.00. The morning session features six presentations and we break for a one hour lunch at 13.00.

The afternoon session commences at 14.00 and features four presentations, with the conference closing at 17.00